Goodbye, Mother Poland

“When you’ll sing Gaude Mater Polonia, you’ll see the audience stand up” said Fabrizio Barchi to his choristers, before embarking towards Poland. “Just like us during the Mameli Hymn?” is what crossed our mind ,we, skeptical citizens of a peninsula considered less and less as our country. Not quite. For the...
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A special memory to Manuel De Sica

Our association would like to remember a great composer and friend, Manuel De Sica, who passed away on 5th December 2014. We had the honour of working with him and singing his compositions. Moreover, we recently had the pleasure to share an important musical event...
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Student mixed choir

10704948_10152780888936392_1844555889_n Se frequenti il liceo e vuoi avvicinarti al mondo del canto corale, l'Associazione Musicanova sarà lieta di accoglierti giovedì 18 settembre dalle ore 14:00 alle ore 16:00 presso l'Auditorium del Liceo Scientifico Primo Levi (Via Morandini 64, Roma). Se hai tra i 18 e...
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