Ochi mei lassi

Ochi mei lassi Pur non posso liberarmi, Ché ad ognor mi sei davanti. Tu dormi, e il dolor mio Risveglia i sassi E fa per gran pietà la luna obscura. E tu dormi, tu, ma non questi occhi lassi Perché ogni cosa da la mente fuge. Occhi mei lassi, al pianger nati, frenati el pianto Poi ché suo fui e più non ponno Per erbe...
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A Christmas carol

A Christmas carol, is a type of song originating from the English oral tradition of the late Middle Ages (around 1350-1550). It expresses a moment of communion, peace and harmony with others and the desire to take care of those less fortunate than us. It was above all thanks to the patient and inspired...
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Baroque music is back in Rome

For the fourth consecutive year, Musicanova Choir confirms its participation to “Rome’s Baroque Festival”, renewing its attendance to the Palestrina project. The 11 th Edition of 2018 of the Rome’s Baroque Festival includes a magnificent calendar of concerts and musical conferences which will expand from Rome to the cities of Milan and Naples. The creation of...
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Grand Prix excitement

April 21st, 6:15pm. Musicanova Choir led by its conductor Fabrizio Barchi, is preparing to go on the European Grand Prix stage, one of the most important choral competitions in the world. The competition will end 25 minutes later, with the choir’s performance. This picture was taken right before the beginning of the performance, in a school’s...
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The treasurer’s pen – Stara Trta’s longevity

Stara Trta is the most ancient vine in the world, and for over 500 years it has endured every type of disaster, from the one’s caused by nature to the one’s caused by the human will. It has seen five centuries pass by, from the Ottoman’s raid, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to the Balcanic peninsula empires....
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A new year has just begun and after the holidays Musicanova Choir is preparing its performance for the European Grand Prix of Maribor, scheduled for the end of April.
The preparation of the repertoire is getting more and more intense and it forces the group to keep its concentration high to be sure to take advantage of every available minute,...
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For the third year in a row, Musicanova Choir took part in the Baroque Festival, renewing its participation to the Palestrina project. The Baroque Festival event, now at its 10th edition, consisted in a series of concerts and musical meetings which took place in the Baroque part of Rome. The Festival celebrates the integration between traditional...
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A Guidoneum beginning!

This year we got back to work a bit earlier than usual. We started our activity conscious of finding ourselves in front of a great opportunity and of being invested by a great responsibility: being the choir that, with its music, closed all the evenings of the 65 th  International Polyphonic Competition of choral singing...
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