A special memory to Manuel De Sica

Our association would like to remember a great composer and friend, Manuel De Sica, who passed away on 5th December 2014.

We had the honour of working with him and singing his compositions.

Moreover, we recently had the pleasure to share an important musical event with him: we sang at the enchanting Siena Cathedral for the “Great Father” anniversary (the famous and unforgotten Italian film director and actor). Our performance really made an impression in our hearts and will remain one of the highest music experiences of our association.

Among all the compositions we sang in that Tuscan concert, we’ll always remember “Thing of beauty”, his sweet piece of music adapted from John Keats’ poem: “A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”. We are sure it was not by chance that you chose those words to remind us that beautiful things such as an object, music itself or a beloved person, give us eternal joy.

Thank you maestro, for having appreciated our voices, our youth’s harmony and vitality, our endless passion for music.

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