Grand Prix excitement

April 21st, 6:15pm. Musicanova Choir led by its conductor Fabrizio Barchi, is preparing to go on the European Grand Prix stage, one of the most important choral competitions in the world. The competition will end 25 minutes later, with the choir’s performance.

This picture was taken right before the beginning of the performance, in a school’s classroom, not too far from the theatre where the competition took place in.

The chorister’s faces are happy and calm, as if the competition is years ahead, as if the most important goal has already been conquered.

Maybe it is because being part of a choir is like being part of a big family, in which just the fact that you are building something together is already a reason to be happy. Maybe it is because for most of these youngsters, the path that led them to the European Grand Prix started in a high school, kilometres away, where the choir was just an afternoon activity like any other.

Now, the same kids are ready to confront themselves with the best choirs in the world, with an awareness and maturity completely different from when they started this adventure.

They are finally there, and looking into each other’s eyes they recall all the hours they dedicated to this activity, all the sacrifices and the struggles encountered together and the progress conquered one step at a time.

Everyone, hugging one another remembers exactly from where they started and how far they came in order to be on that stage today.

At 9:00pm of the same day the Indonesian choir Resonanz Children’s Choir will be announced as the winner of EGP of 2018.

But the competition doesn’t end with that proclamation.

The excitement of those moments stays vivid in the hearts of each singer. The meticulous preparation becomes experience and in their mind there is the awareness that this is an amazing step of their journey, in a story that still has to be written.

We thank everyone who cheered for us with so much warmth and enthusiasm!

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  1. Fantastico coro. Ascoltarli è sempre una grandissima emozione.

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