The treasurer’s pen – Stara Trta’s longevity

Stara Trta is the most ancient vine in the world, and for over 500 years it has endured every type of disaster, from the one’s caused by nature to the one’s caused by the human will. It has seen five centuries pass by, from the Ottoman’s raid, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to the Balcanic peninsula empires. It has always been there and it will always be ready to welcome, with its everlasting poise, everything that history still has to write in the centuries to come.
This ancient vine is located in Slovenia, more precisely in Maribor, and maybe it is not a coincidence that its destiny will come across Musicanova Choir in one of the most important moments of the history of the choir. No, I am not referring to the fact that the alcohol level in the chorister’s veins will perfectly entwine with the exquisite wine which this plant gifts us with (even though I highly hope to test its refined flavour, although this privilege was reserved only for personalities such as John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the United States President Bill Clinton, the Japanese emperor Akihito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt and, last but not least, Michel Platini).
Instead, I refer to the fact that an ever-changing choir such as Musicanova (in fact, you can count the present choristers that were part of the choir ten years ago on one hand) will face the most important competition of its history: the European Grand Prix, in Maribor, with its symbol being the stillness, imperturbability and wisdom of that vine that for over 500 years has witnessed the world pass by its enchanting entwined branches.
But, maybe, this vine has something to do with a member of the choir, and I am not referring to a chorister, but to our eternal Conductor Fabrizio Barchi. Even though his eyes have witnessed plenty of choristers passing by over the years and he always has to start over again, he never tires, he never breaks down. He starts over, year after year, recreating the magic that is choral music, and just like the vine, that inch by inch keeps growing, also he, step by step, has come to fulfil his life’s dream, taking these kiddos put together in high school (and saved from a life of struggles spent listening to Vasco Rossi, Jovanotti and Lady Gaga) to perform in the most important choral competition in the world, the EGP.
Whether or not we win it or lose it, it will definitely be a grand party (also because the day of the competition will also be the birthday of the person writing this article, so sadness is not allowed!), because getting to this point is already a masterpiece, achieved thanks to the perseverance and strength of our conductor.
It would be amazing if our choir, finding itself in front of the Stara Trta, comes back to Rome with even just a fragment of the stability of that centuries-old plant, being able to stay together and compact also in moments of struggle, preserving, year after year, this tiny and humble miracle called Musicanova, and continuing to have the will to go further and further, without ever stopping.
Francesco Vito Dalessio, Treasurer of the Musicanova Association

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