A new year has just begun and after the holidays Musicanova Choir is preparing its performance for the European Grand Prix of Maribor, scheduled for the end of April.
The preparation of the repertoire is getting more and more intense and it forces the group to keep its concentration high to be sure to take advantage of every available minute, aware of the fact that they will be competing against some of the best choirs in the world.
During rehearsals, team work is essential and beneficial for who has been singing for  a long time but also for who just started singing in the choir and got overwhelmed by the many appointments. This is how, thanks to the advices given while singing, frienships and lasting bonds are born, not weakened from the different singing experiences but better yet strengthened by the desire to improve which distinguishes each and every singer.
During these days, another choir of the Musicanova Association has almost finished preparing for an event you cannot miss, which will take place on the 8th of February at the Oratorio del Gonfalone. Infact, the Youth Choir Iride will perform in a complete and acted out version of “Il Festino” by Adriano Banchieri, one the most innovative pieces of work of the eclectic composer who lived between the ‘500’s and the ‘600’s. The composition tells the story of a celebration (hence, “Il Festino”) during the Carnival days and it alternates between madrigals and dialogues which recapture with an ironic spirit the different themes and musical styles of the time.
You can find more information regarding the show on the Facebook page of the event:
See you there! Don’t miss it!

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