A Guidoneum beginning!

This year we got back to work a bit earlier than usual. We started our activity conscious of finding ourselves in front of a great opportunity and of being invested by a great responsibility: being the choir that, with its music, closed all the evenings of the 65 th  International Polyphonic Competition of choral singing in the beautiful city of Arezzo, capital of music and polyphony. The choir had the honour and the pleasure to
participate as a guest, performing on three occasions singing different repertoires, from sacred music to profane and more easy going music, passing through the roman tradition, performing the show “Roma che in…canta”.

The International Polyphonic Competition of Guido d’Arezzo is, since 1952, one of the most important stages for choral expression across the world and offers a vast possibility of repertoires, manners and authors during the entire duration of the competition.
What makes this competition so unique is its artistic and organisational parameters, especially for its demanding way of choosing the participants.
This competition has always been a precious incentive for choirs who desire to confront themselves with other similar realities from all over the world. This year fifteen choir participated to the competition which was held from the 24 th to the 26 th of August, in the Santa Maria del Pieve church and Petrarca theatre: Austria, China, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Turkey
and Hungary. This underlines how much global appeal there is around this little Tuscan city during the days of the competition.

Musicanova has always been, since its establishment, a fond appraiser of this magnificent event, participating in some of the last editions, in particular in 2005 and 2012. On those stages we confronted ourselves with some of the most prestigious choral realities, until finally we were invited as guests in this 65 th edition. A very important accomplishment, which we were able to reach thanks to years of hard work which then brought us to win the Grand Prix of Tours, in France, one of the most important worldwide competitions of amateur choral singing.
This victory made us perform again in Arezzo, this time as guest and not as participants in the competition, with a different awareness but always with a unique thrill which made our legs shake a little.
We leave the city with another amazing memory to jealously keep. We leave it with the image of the smiles and with the echo of the applauses of the many people who came to listen. We start this new musical year conscious of being able to leave a mark:
a mark of stylistic elegance in all repertoires, a mark of spontaneity, of togetherness and the desire to make good music, but always having fun and with the wish to move the people who listen to us.

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