Off we go!

“What if Musicanova Choir could blow everyone’s mind and was able to reach the “Grand Prix de Tours?””
“And what if it made a great performance and was able to win it, getting admitted to the European Grand Prix?”
“ What if…” “Imagine that…” “Think of what would happen if…”

Dreams, hopes, ambitions and wishes stir in each and every singer’s soul, a few days for the competition.
Musicanova Choir has been working hard for months in order to take on, to the best of its possibilities, the 46th edition of “Florilège Vocal de Tours”, the choir competition which takes place in Tours, city of art and history in the French inland, from the 25th to the 29th of May.

Yes, you got it right: in less than ten days, this additional challenge the choir set for its self will have already been started, and will already have been finished. In a sixty minute time frame, spread into three days, the fate of these young fellows will be discovered, and five months of intense and variegated rehearsals will be evaluated.
As a matter of fact, since January the choir has been learning new music pieces, in another language (yes, because the three compulsory pieces to perform are harmonized on French lyrics and poetry), and has been perfecting the pieces already part of its repertoire. But, mostly, it has been searching for the perfect sound, compact and homogeneous, sweet but decisive, which diversifies a normal choir from a great one.
Whether this goal has been reached or less, it’s not up to us to say. What we can say is that, thanks to an individual intellectual effort, combined with the study of the right collective mixture, the will to grow and to improve, was certainly carried out with great dedication by each and every chorister. Choristers that couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of one of the best directors in Italy, that Fabrizio Barchi that never gives up and that year after year works miracles, taking in kids, that just ten years before where listening to singers such as Lady Gaga, Vasco Rossi, Gigi D’agostino and Fabri Fibra and that now will perform on an international stage, only with the help of their voices, pieces by Di Lasso, Palestrina, Debussy, Monteverdi, and Grieg, just to mention a few of them.

Musicanova’s miracle, which for almost twenty years keeps standing at the highest standards, in spite of the countless generational turnovers, is part of the Musicanova Association, in which the Choir is only the tip of the iceberg.
Listening to a kid sing a sacred renaissance piece is a tiny modern fairy tale that the Association is able to achieve and to advertise within the roman district, trying, day after day, to make kids aware of the power of music, of art, and more in general, of culture.
The time has come to let the foreign lands meet this tiny modern fairy tale.
Maybe, starting from Tours…

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  1. Vi auguro, al ritorno da questa avventura, di raccontarci una gran bella favola. Comunque andrà questa volta, sappiate che ci fate fare sempre bei sogni. Un grande in bocca al lupo.

  2. Ma… preveggenza o cosa? GRANDISSIMI!

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